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Pago de Tharsys Cava

Vintage Brut Reserva cava made with the Chardonnay variety, which gives it an outstanding aroma of stone fruit intermingled with hints of nuts and white flowers. Its aging for 24 months makes it a complex and full-bodied sparkling wine in the mouth, without losing an ounce of freshness. It is worth noting that with its 2015 vintage it became the first cava millésime with organic certification.

On the nose subtle notes of fresh stone fruits: nectarine and apricot, apple and citrus notes of yellow grapefruit. Mineral aromas of talc and limestone and elegant final notes of freshly baked village bread.

Vibrant mouthfeel, delicate and enveloping bubbles from the long aging in rhyme. Citrus and refreshing sensations of stone fruit still on the tree stand out. Leaves a clean, fresh and persistent memory on the palate.
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